WW2 3.1 with Completed 2nd Edition Rules

Date 26-Feb-2006 17:13:44
Topic: Software News

Version 3.1 of WW2 is now available from OS4Depot.

Some of the most interesting improvements include:

- Replaced ARexx client with a Lua client for building robot players (still preliminary so please email for details).
- Added Research and Development rules including things like Super Submarines, Rockets and everybody's favourite, Heavy Bombers! (i.e. nukes)
- Implemented algorithmic rule enforcement of the most complex fighter/carrier combinations so it shouldn't be possible to cheat.

I'm not sure what features I want to implement next but I think network chat boxes will be high on the list as well as improving and expanding the Lua client for robot player building.

Note: If you hate the graphics please offer to help me improve them. I'm always interested in working with Amiga artists.

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