New PacMan05 on OS4Depot

Date 26-Feb-2006 23:49:05
Topic: Software News

I've uploaded a new version of PacMan05 to OS4Depot (and Aminet).


Version 1.0.6 02/26/2006 -js-
- rewritten Event handling. Uses ablit/abu event handling including native AmigaInput support
- removed LowLevel library emulation (now AIN native)
- fixed keyboard delay (no "event flickering" in keyboard mode)
- keyboard is now always active (in parallel to joystick)
- Joystick supports both, hats and stick
- fullscreen / window mode switch works now (sort of)
- removed external mod plugin (savage mod error)
- now statically linked to clib2/ablit/abu (no shared libs necessary)
- executeable size is down to ~700K (incl. linked in graphics & sound (90%))
- still bugs left. Some stuff needs a complete re-write. But the game is pretty playable.

Known Bugs 02/26/2006
- Colors are not 100% freed at exit (pen0)
- unstable on exit (?) Please report this if possible
- loose joysticks after one run (AIN problem ?). This does not happen always.



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