MUIbase 2.0 released under GPL

Date 7-Mar-2006 19:16:37
Topic: Software News

The latest Amiga version of Steffen Gutmann's database program MUIbase is now freely available from as GPL software.

From :

Begining in March, 2006, MUIbase for Amiga and Amiga-related operating systems is now distributed under the Gnu General Public License. The source code and binaries for m68kAmigaOS are made available as part of a sourceforge project. We hope that developers for the new AmigaOS 4, the MorphOS and AROS will also compile versions for these operating systems.

At this point, we would like to thank all who supported us in the past and all who registered MUIbase. From the new version 2.0 on, no keyfile for running all features of MUIbase on Amiga is necessary any more.

We still hope for support from the Amiga community. Please write us your comment. It will also be possible to make us a donation if you feel you want to financially support us.

Happy MUIbase'ing,

Steffen Gutmann

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