AmiZilla now supports AdSense and adds those funds to the Booty!

Date 19-Mar-2006 18:23:34
Topic: Internet News

In an effort to raise even more money for AmiZilla to motivate programmers trying to win the contest AmiZilla now supports AdSense and adds those dollars to the booty. If you have a few minutes please goto and click on some of our sponsers and look at what they are offering. Your pay for click dollars will be added to the contest. Donations to AmiZilla now stand @ $10,204.27. Bill (tekmage) Borsari got the booty just over $10,000 with his large donation so will be able to get any software product from DiscreetFX for free. Thanks everyone for your efforts to get FireFox/Mozilla running on Amiga OS.

Best regards

DiscreetFX Team

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