SimCoupe (Sam Coupe) emulator for AmigaOS 4.

Date 20-Mar-2006 8:35:13
Topic: Software News

SimCoupe emulates a SAM Coupé - an 8-bit Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology. Although superior in it capabilities compared to the other 8 bit machines in the market at the time, it didn't succeed in the space, where the 16-bit machines (Amiga, Atari, Macintosh and PC) were already established as a standart. Nevertheless some great software titles were released for the machine, taking advantage of it's unique sound and graphic capabilities. Now thanks to SimCoupe you can enjoy Sam Coupe software right on your Amiga.

Click here for a screenshot and here to download the AmigaOS 4 version. This link points to downloads of some Public Domain titles, ready to be run in the emulator. Thanks to Dr Andy Wright's permission to distribute the SAM ROMs with the emulator, there is no need for copy from real Sam Coupe and transfer them or other complicated install procedure. It runs straight out of the RAM: for example.

Some key features:
* Advanced Z80 CPU emulator offering full instruction set coverage, including all undocumented instructions.

* Memory configuration for 256K or 512K main memory, and up to 4MB external memory (1MB blocks).

* Full support of all four Sam Coupe display modes, with updates accurate to a single 8x1 pixel cell. This allows for any kind of video effect (mode mixing, on/off-screen border and palette effects, etc.) to be displayed correctly.

* Complete Philips SAA 1099 sound chip emulation thanks to the SAASound Library. Stereo sound output with full mixing. Spectrum beeper emulation.

* Accurate floppy disk drives emulation. Atom Hard disk drive emulation.

* Sam Mouse emulation mapping to the Amiga mouse. SAMBUS and DALLAS clock hardware emulation. SAM time relative to real time.

* Built-in advanced debugger giving powerful control over the emulated system, with minimal effect on running speed.

Enjoy. And don't forget to report bugs.

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