Scalos V41.3 released

Date 21-Mar-2006 4:36:57
Topic: Software News

In an announcment to the Scalos Yahoogroup, Jürgen Lachmann wrote:

Hi everybody,
exactly as scheduled, Scalos V41.3 has been released on Sunday!

This are some of the new features:
+ As always, tons of bug fixes.
+ New internal command "create thumbnail" creates saves thumbnail icon for
+ Icon overlays display additional information, like "read-only" for volumes, or
"left-out" for backdrop icons, or "this is a dynamic thumbnail"
+ Disk-based chaching of thumbnail icons allows much faster viewing of
thumbnails that have been created before
+ More configurable layout engine, user can decide which icon types are layouted
top-down, and which ones left-to-right.

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