SuperTV v0.8 BETA is now available

Date 16-Mar-2003 14:19:27
Topic: Software News

A new version of SuperTV is now available. SuperTV is a replacement for Elbox's "TV" program for Mediator users with TV cards. Read more for the list of changes.

Download it from (Yes this is a new URL, so update your bookmarks).

Changes since v0.7.1 (inaccurately called 0.71 at the time):

- "hide pointer" now has 3 modes: Never, Fullscreen only, and Always. F2 now cycles between never and always.
- Added option to cycle through channels (ie hitting + at the last channel will cycle to channel 1).
- Two new arexx commands: TV_INCCHANNEL, TV_DECCHANNEL. These increment and decrement the channel, taking into account the cycle channels settings
- Added possibility to put in custom source number. This allows colour SVHS on some cards.
- I think i've zapped the enforcer hits now.
- You can now toggle fullscreen with F3

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