AmiKit 1.1.0 in TrueType suite now!

Date 28-Mar-2006 19:27:11
Topic: Software News

AmiKit, the high-end classic Amiga enviroment for WinUAE, now supports antialiased TrueType fonts! Other features involve faster icon loading, better color remapping, lot of new or updated software, etc. etc. Download the latest update from

Major features of AmiKit 1.1.0 update:

- AmiKit now supports antialiased TrueType fonts!
- Loading speed of icons has been increased!
- Quality of icon rendering has been improved!
- WinUAE emulation software updated to version 1.2.0
- AmiKit now contains the largest collection of AmigaOS3.9 patches.

NOTE: Make sure your AmiKit is already updated to 1.04 before you install the 1.1.0 update. To verify the installation please check the AmiKit:Expansion drawer for log files.

IMPORTANT: If you already installed AfA_OS into your AmiKit, please remove it completely (especially from startup-sequence or user-startup) before you install 1.1.0 update!

For more information please visit . I'd like to thank to all people who donated and supported the development!

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