aPod (os4 perl based iPod software) updated to version 1.1

Date 29-Mar-2006 11:30:53
Topic: Software News

I have just uploaded an update to aPod, my iPod management program.

Get it here

The new version allows to copy multiple songs across at once and to sort the song listview by clicking on the various columns.

Here's the Readme for more info....

aPod: Version 1.1 28-March-2006

apod is an application to mantain and synchronise your mp3 collection on your iPod
using from a Amiga OS4 computer with usb.

apod is written in perl and utilises the perl_Reaction interface to the OS4 reaction
gui. The interface with the ipod is maintained using the Mac::iPod::GNUpod module.


NOTE: If installing for the first time, apod requires the following perl modules to be
installed, if updating you only need to copy the apod and .apodrc files.

perl_Reaction version .02 available from (os4depot.net)
Mac::iPod::GNUpod (included)
Audio::Wav (included)
MP3::Info (included)
Unicode::String (incuded)
XML::Parser (included)

install any of these you don't yet have by CD ing into they're directory,
starting abc-shell and typeing

make install

copy apod and .apodrc to the location of your choice say work:apod/
assign apod: to this directory.

edit the paths in .apodrc to reflect the name of your ipod etc.


You may need to create the directory
otherwise your ipod requires no special initialisation.

Your ipod still requires the apple firmware etc this pogram only handles copying of
music file to and from the ipod.


perl apod --help

to get usage


perldoc apod to get full pod documentation.



Added Multiselect to Addsongs.
Song List can now be sorted by Columns


Initial Public Release


The underlying mac::ipod::gnupod module appears to have some problems with
smartplaylists. If you get a problem with this email me, for a workarround.


Mac::iPod::GNUpod ofers some sophisticated search options and a variation on
smartplaylists based on these. adding support for these will be done in the not
too far distant future.

Send an Feature requests to me by email and I'll see what I can do...


This work has been largely been to done to fulfil my own needs and to support
the amigaos 4 community in general, but it does take a lot of time so if you would
like to make a donation there is a paypal button at

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