Eurochart Issue 48 released

Date 29-Mar-2006 20:47:45
Topic: Announcement

We, the Amiga demogroup IRIS have just released the newest issue of the well-known chartmag 'the Eurochart'. This time we have released it for 6 platforms, and we have some massive content in it.

However, you might be especially interested in the fact that IRIS has now made it possible for any MOS/AOS4 owner to make his own diskmagazine! The diskmag engine can be used freely by anyone wishing to do so, as long as you give out the proper credits.

If you are interested in setting up a MOS/AOS4 electronic magazine, get in touch with Chris Dragan at:

For downloading the Eurochart, go to (or if our mainpage has not yet been updated.)

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