Project Trifolium - dual Motorola 680x0 processor emulation

Date 1-Apr-2006 2:14:10
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Project Trifolium (the next generation of Petunia) is a dual Motorola 680x0 processor emulation with dynamic recompilation for PowerPC based Amigas.
Dynamic recompilation (or also called just-in-time compilation or simply JIT compilation) is a technique of translation of the emulated processor machine code to an executer processor machine code on-the-fly.
This technique is a common method nowadays, usually used in JAVA applications, and it is also applied in several emulators with success.
Trifolium is not officially part of AmigaOS4.

For more informations and download visit the Trifolium webside.

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The target of the emulation is high compatibility with a dual Motorola 68040, without MMU support.

What is ready for now?
The actual version is already running in close cooperation with the interpretive emulation in AmigaOS4.0.
Emulated opcodes:
- all integer opcodes of the 68040, except MMU- and cache-related opcodes,
- all of the 68881/882/68040 FPU opcodes, except: FSAVE. (Including software-only supported 68040 opcodes.)
- all addressing modes which is supported in 68020 and up,
- byte, word, longword, single, double, extended data for the FPU.
Flag emulation: all flags.
At compiling time a low level flag data flow analysis and branch control allows on-the-fly optimalizations on compiled code.
Virtual context switches implemented to the PowerPC native code or the interpretive emulation (fallback), it is called automatically when needed.

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