RISC OS 3 on AmigaOS4!

Date 3-Apr-2006 21:09:26
Topic: Software News

A port of ArcEm - the Acorn Archimedes emulator is now available from OS4Depot.

The Archimedes was a British computer from Acorn, and the successor of the BBC Micro. It ran a quirky operating system called RISC OS, which has some excellent features and has a style guide that is generally adhered to. It is the most drag'n'drop OS to be found, and well worth investigation by budding GUI or OS designers.

Sadly the Acorn situation has a lot of parallels with the Amiga, with the parent company being split up, and hardware and OS eventually ending up in the hands of two different companies.

You can find out more about RISC OS from RISC OS Ltd themselves.

Or you can download the emulator and try it out for yourself.

The ArcEm project homepage is here.

Please note that the required ROM image is not included - the only legal way to obtain this file is to extract it from a real Acorn.

RISC OS 3.10 discs are available legally direct from Acorn FTP - releases.

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