Virus Help Team: AmigaOS 4 users wanted

Date 5-Apr-2006 23:45:57
Topic: hardware OS4

Virus Help Team: AmigaOS 4 users wanted

The Virus Help Team have written the following request on their Yahoo Group: There has been a problem running antivirus programs with the AmigaOS 4. Jan Andersen has been in contact with Georg Horemann (VirusZ and XVS.library programmer), and the problems may be due to XVS. When a fix comes in, it would need to run properly on an OS4 system.

Request: If there are any Amiga OS4 users that are willing to use the new xvs.library (when available), could you: go over to the VHT Forum and sign-up for a member name, kindly do a post (i.e. saying you use AmigaOS 4) in the corresponding thread and do your settings on the VHT Forum to keep track of that topic, then you will get an automatic e-mail when there is a new posting to the topic.

Link to the VHT forum; VHT Forum

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