Amiga Update #060331

Date 6-Apr-2006 21:02:40
Topic: hardware OS4

A new issue of Amiga Update has been posted. Amiga Update is a text based overview of Amiga related news, not unlike the old AmigaReport magazine (only not in AmigaGuide form)

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Hyperion makes 3D deal
Scunthorpe Show Early Info
Think Commodore - On a Mac
MuiBase goes GNU Public License
Amizilla Contribution by Click
AmiKit Update 1.1.0 available
New Epistula for your messaging
Update for APod for iPod
Distributor for Amiga Guru Book
AmigaSYS new version
V05 of Mindscape available
Scout System Monitor - OS4 Depot
AmiDisk on OS4 Depot

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