Interview with AROS Developer m0ns00n

Date 13-Apr-2006 4:17:44
Topic: Miscellaneous News

The AROS Show has interviewed the exciting new developer Hogne T. aka m0ns00n.
Partial contents:
This is an interview with AROS Developer Hogne T. aka m0ns00n. I want to thank Hogne for doing this interview.

Hello Hogne, could you give us a history of how you became interested in Amiga's and then eventually came to be involved with AROS?
Hello! Well, I first got an Amiga computer in 1989. I was 9 years old then, and was impressed with games like Barbarian Palace, Ninja Mission, Stormlord and Giana Sisters (which didn't look anywhere near as good on a c64)!
First my brother got an Amiga 500, but I ended up occupying it so much that my parents got me one to save my brother all the trouble! It was not only games that amazed me, but also DigiPaint and a video digitizer that was available for it. Deluxe Paint of course grabbed my attention.
In the first years my brother taught me a lot. I've since had an Amiga 1200, 2000, and a4000 which I expanded and used until 2001. I then gave up on Amiga, pretty much. All the fanaticism, flame wars, odd business logic.

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