ACGGbg Easter Party

Date 13-Apr-2006 9:43:42
Topic: Events

Tomorrow at 1300 hours we open the doors for ACG Gothenburg's second Amiga Easter Party. It's actually just a small local gathering of Amiga fans on the west coast but this year we'll have a few surprises. Like already mentioned in the forums we will show Quake3 running on OS4 and our very own TechMage Ole-Egil Hvitmyren will hold a seminar about PCB design and AVR programming. He will also bring his PCI Express graphics card for a demo on A1/OS4.

Read more about the details in Swedish on

A bit short notice here on AW but I still wanted to make a news item about this since the party will feature some cool previous unseen stuff for AmigaONE / OS4. And of course anyone can just drop by to say hi and have a piece of Ole-Egils famous home made pizza. We will also show a few movies and demos on the Big Screen. On saturday we will also have a HUGE Blazing Easter Bonfire. And with a little luck with the timing we will have genuine easter chicks this year too.

A webcam will be available from safir and some blogs about the party will probably pop up late on friday. Pictures from last years event is available here.

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