new afa OS 3.93.1

Date 14-Apr-2006 21:52:04
Topic: Software News

Here can download it

AFA OS is a way to give OS3.x the new features by using AROS Code.
Currently most important features of MOS OS4 are add
AFA OS is Design to enhance every Cloesedsource Amiga OS if it miss features AROS have. but compare to AROS it is full compatible to OS3.x

New in 3.93.1

because P96 and CGX libraries are large enough for new functions they are not create new.This save a little memory
and AFA work now with saferpatches program too and maybe avoid other problems

Ken Lester have draw a Prefs Icon for AFA(thanks to him)

a deadlock is fixed when on slow systems move the slider of a Stormwizard GUI listview that use AA truetype Fonts
very fast longer than 8 seconds.

picture datatypes fixes

backgroundpicture in magicmenu is now show

1-256 color pictures work now with dtm_readpixelarray.Amistart can use iff 1-256 color pics for backgrounds
1-256 color backgroundpattern draw in MUI is faster than older AFA picturedatatype

offical AROS Fix from Georg Steger

penfree draw add.Work Sourcecompatible to MOS and AROS

Now all important new functions of OS4 and MOS are add.

If you still miss a function for your program let me know,i think its not much work to implement that

execlibrary use now only the funcs that need for new features.This help that afa dows not overwrite the patches
that bvision powerup rom install early and allow PPC programs work with powerup

FreeMem(mempointer,size) is now allow when mempointer=0 to be compatible to AOS.
This help some programs (rcftp,rawbinfo with pngicons) to not crash

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