TuneNet V0.78a Released

Date 17-Apr-2006 2:40:51
Topic: Software News

The latest alpha version of TuneNet, the OS4 Music/Internet Radio Player, has
been submitted to the OS4 depot site (so it should be available shortly).

Main improvements include:
* Better playback preferences: Simple, X-Fade or Gapless playback.
* Encoder plugin support for Recording streams to different formats.
* Shoutcast Broadcasting (still rather basic, but functional - requires an
appropriate encoder).


* 3rd party plugin support for an array of sound formats including:
XM, S3M, IT, FC, AHX, TFMX and many more, in fact around 25 formats are now
supported - Thanks Per Johansson!
* Improvements to Reaction GUI.
* Tighter playback with less stuttering (hint adjust the playback priority).
* Repeat playlist, sub song support, auto/manual mix mode (for good headphone
listening for old 4 channel MODS etc..), Open URL requester..

..and much more.

NOTE: Older plugins will not work with this release, please download newer

The TuneNet site (http://www.tunenet.co.uk) will be updated tomorrow to
reflect the changes on OS4 depot along with full Source code for some of the
plugins (where required under license). A support email address for bug
reports/feature requests will also be set up in the next few days.

TuneNet is Freeware, and work-in-progress - Enjoy

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