AWEB little Update 3.5.08

Date 17-Apr-2006 14:26:28
Topic: Software News

AWeb is now 3.5.08 =)

CHANGES FROM 3.5.07 to 3.5.08

AWeb now supports the new amissl.library version 3. Support for older versions has
been dropped. Amissl version 3 is more secure, faster, easier to install.
Amissl comes as part of OS4 from update 4 and is available for m68k systems from .

ALPHA BLENDING FOR awebpng.awebplugin.
The png plugin now supports alpha blending / alpha channel support on screen depths
greater than 8bits, for AmigaOS 4.0 and Morphos versions.
The Amiga OS 4 version uses the libablit written by Jürgen Schober.


AWeb now supports the etag tecnique for cache validation.


The main executable has been adapted to abide by the new OS4 memory rules,
the awebplugins and aweblibs still misbehave.


Many bug fixes dramatically increasing stabilty (touch wood).

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