New PerfectPaint Version online

Date 17-Apr-2006 14:22:05
Topic: hardware OS4

Hello all AW-Users !

as no one check this out, a new Release of PerfectPaint (V2.93-3) is online
since 13.04.06 on Amiforce

new in this Version:
*fix all Memoryproblems by saving Images since Version 2.93-2. All should now work properly.
*fix Historie save. Amithlonuser report incompatibility to copy the Historiefile to a new/another Win Partition.
*new Library-checking.
*all rexxscripts rename to .rexx to detect easely for deficons
*fix the bug with smallest Brush for all Draw-operations
*the assign are now remove by the end of the Program
*new small Readme. Historie always in german (sorry no Time anyway)

have Easterfun now

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