OS4 SDK distributed compiler update

Date 17-Apr-2006 17:45:12
Topic: Software News

You'll find an updated distcc which fixes a few problems I discovered after OS4 SDK 51.22 went public. Grab it from OS4Depot and install it over the existing binaries in SDK:C.

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distcc 2.18.3-6
- compiled with SDK 51.22
- added process birth handshake to distcc and distccd
- fixed distcc error handling when server is unavailable
- fixed distccd waitpid which could leave acceptors hanging
- fixed distccd premature exit
- increased accuracy of cpp state reporting
- remote compiles now have a slightly higher task priority
- changed size and layout of GUI monitor

If you are new to distcc and parallel compilation you might want to watch out for my upcoming article/tutorial which should be appearing in the next Total Amiga Magazine.

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