Jabberwocky V1.4 2nd Preview Ready

Date 17-Mar-2003 16:53:15
Topic: Software News

The 2nd preview of Jabberwocky 1.4 is now available. This progam is a jabber client and is open sourced under the GNU GPL License. Read more for the list of changes.

We got the 2nd Preview of Jabberwocky V1.4 ready. Get it here.


- Fixed transperancy of icons in roster window (thanks to Jeff Gilpin)
- Fixed long standing enforcer hit when removing contacts (also thanks to Jeff Gilpin as a side effect of the transperancy fix)
- Fixed reply quoting (introduced in 1.4pre1)
- Fixed unicode conversion of reply quoting (introduced in 1.4pre1)
- Some support for displaying errors in the roster (but I haven't actually had any errors that trigger it, so it either doesn't work, or I haven't had any errors.
- Fixed enforcer hit on startup when autoconnect is on and there is no account information (introduced in 1.3)
- Roster icon remains on the event icon until all unread messages have been read
- Fixed handling of messages from contacts that are not in the roster (introduced in 1.4pre1)

As you can see 1.4pre1 had quite a lot of problems, remember you shouldn't be using any prerelease unless you want problems.

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