AmiKit 1.1.2 UPDATE package available

Date 21-Apr-2006 15:30:08
Topic: Software News

AmiKit: free preinstalled high-end classic Amiga environment for WinUAE has been updated! This update package updates your AmiKit v1.1.1. or v1.1.0 to the most recent version.

AMIKIT 1.1.2 UPDATE (21-Apr-2006):

- ADDED: AKCC 6.3 by Andreas R. Kleinert (POSTCARDWARE)
- UPDATED: AfA_OS 3.93.1
- UPDATED: AWeb 3.5.08 beta
- UPDATED: FileX 2.4
- UPDATED: R (The GUI Generator) 2.18
- UPDATED: Sudoku 1.4
- UPDATED: Workbench.library 45.131 (run "Install Patches" to install it)

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