Directory Opus 4.17 pre 19 - AmigaOS 4 alpha version

Date 22-Apr-2006 17:33:55
Topic: Software News

I am proud to announce the first alpha release of Directory Opus 4 for AmigaOS 4. Many hours were spent on porting this program and I think it's time to see what interest there is in further development of this version. On my homepage is where you get it.

DOpus in itself is pretty stable as it is, don't think I have had a crash from it for a while now. ConfigOpus is still somewhat unstable and particularly ScreenModes will crash, so don't use it yet.

There's no idea mailing me about bugs just yet, I know they're there, I'm releasing this as a first glance on what I've done, and to see if there is any interest in it. If you like it and want to see it developed further please use the PayPal button on my page.

Joachim Birging

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