Major update for TwinVNC

Date 22-Apr-2006 17:34:50
Topic: Software News

A new version of TwinVNC is available on its website.
TwinVNC is a VNC client which can take remote control of any computer running a VNC server.
This version, TwinVNC 0.7beta, incorporates various modifications as well as major new functionalities, making TwinVNC not only a command line program, but also a Workbench with its own graphical interface.

Here is a non exhaustive list of improvements:

Graphical user interface for VNC connection as well as for updating VNC options during remote control.

Handles server pixels format. This functionality allows using directly the server's native display format. This functionality is also very useful for AmiVNC users.

Scale mode (software or overlay) supported in both window and fullscreen modes and during window resizing.

Please read TwinVNC history page for the complete list of improvements and new features.

Note that TwinVNC is now giftware, to keep the author's motivation going, and to evaluate the users' interest for this tool.

A video presentation of TwinVNC made by Crisot is available on the website.

Download page : TwinVNC0.7beta.lha (AmigaOS/68k, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS) [695 ko]

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