Scout 3.6 released

Date 25-Apr-2006 8:30:09
Topic: Software News

Scout 3.6 has just been released!

Scout comes in 3 builds: OS2.x/3.x, OS4.0 and MorphOS.

It can be downloaded at, and Aminet

These are the release notes. They are quite short because of too many mini
changes. A complete list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog file in the

24-Apr-2006 Release 3.6 Program version 37.290

o scout_window_detail.c: now displays correctly number of colours for
32bit screens.

o scout_resethandlers.c: the OS4 specific list of reset callbacks is now
also scanned for entries, because the list of reset handlers is normally
not used anymore.

o scout_fonts.c, scout_fonts_details.c: added tf_Extension field, if a font
offers this.

o scout_arexx.c: added the missing remove function for reset handlers.
Until now this has never been implemented. Also the last direct poking in
the base structure of input.device to obtain the list of input handlers
has been replaced by a proper function which acts the same way as does
the scanning function in scout_inputhandlers.c.

o scout_tasks.c: added now function which returns the usual name of all
known signal bits.

o scout_tasks_details.c: the old Task field tc_TrapAlloc and tc_TrapAble
don't exist anymore for OS4. Instead they always represent a pointer
called tc_ETask. Hence this one is shown now. Furthermore Scout can now
recognize a process' code type by using the new V51 DOS function
GetSegListInfo(). Additionally for OS4 the SegList pointers are now
obtained via GetProcSegList() instead of hacking through pr_SegList and
pr_CLI->cli_Module. If there is a clean way, then USE IT!

o scout_tasks_details.c: added the extended V50/V51 process fields. These
will only appear in the OS4 build.

o scout_window_details.c added the embedded fields ViewPort, RastPort,
Bitmap (and all attributes) and LayerInfo of "struct Screen". Therefore
the entries "UserPort->SigTask" and "WindowPort->SigTask" of "struct
Window" have been dropped since these can be inspected by clicking on
the port button.

o scout_mount_details.c: the capacity calculation is now done with native
64bit math for the OS4 and MorphOS builds. Hence i64.c is no longer
needed for these, but only for the OS3 build, because SAS/C cannot do
64bit math itself.

o scout_extras.c, tblib/errormsg_ErrorMsg.c: somehow I never realized that
exec/RawDoFmt() cannot do parameter sorting by using something like
"Hello %2$s %1$s", "second", "first". Hence the function ErrorMsg() got
always passed one parameter too less and that completely crashed on OS4.
The catalog description has been modified accordingly. The prototype for
ErrorMsg() was missing the usual "VARARGS68K" definition anyway.
All in all this made Scout crash when it tried to complain about outdated
or missing external MUI classes.

o scout_print.c: somehow I deleted a NULL-check before copying one string
to another, which caused crashes when trying to print information of a
window to a file.

o lots of minor changes.

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