Great news! Amiga-C2 programmers ML is born

Date 28-Apr-2006 12:21:07
Topic: Announcement

Hi everybody

It's a great joy for me to announce the birth of the new mailling-list
reserved to the Amiga Coders : Amiga-C2

Since some times now, Amiga-C the well known Amiga ML for programmers suffered from intensive spamming! Why? cause the ML owner, Mike Carter lost his ownership on it and wasn't able to recover it.

Jean-Francois Bachelet, Amiga-C2 owner/moderator

As the new owner I try since two month now to recover it's ownership from Yahoo but they seems not to be too hurried
so the set up of a new ML 100% guaranteed Spam-Free .

I invite all of you, skilled coders or beginners to join Amiga-C2 here :

See you soon on the list and let's code

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