New EasyNet Available

Date 29-Apr-2006 0:05:37
Topic: Software News

A new version of EasyNet (v0.165) is now available. All 0.15 and better users can update by going to the Live Update option in the Project menu and EasyNet will automatically update to the latest version. Any older users with versions less than 0.15, please email for the update.

Changes since last version (v0.164):

- Shared drives/folders can now auto mount on the Workbench when EasyNet first goes online without user intervention. This auto-connect option has been added to the Connect to Shares window.
- If any assigns are missing, EasyNet will automatically generate an installer script and fix the assigns in the s:user-startup
- Live Update backs up older version before updating and filesize checks updates
- Various GUI bug fixes in the Hosts Manager
- Program optimisations

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