APC&TCP is getting 14 years old

Date 1-May-2006 14:50:31
Topic: Announcement

To celebrate this we have decided to push down the prices of many APC&TCP products in the online shop permanently.

APC&TCP is more active than ever. CygnusEd 5 is right before its release and also the release of MED Soundstudio 2 is coming closer and closer.

But work is also going on for DigiBoosterPro and it's being checked for the possibility for a release of a reprint of an English Amiga-Guru-Book.

Besides that, development for a lot of other products which will be released this year is still going on.

The APC&TCP computer club, from which the distributor was founded, was founded some time earlier. If someone knows the exact date please get in contact with us.

It would be interesting to know how old the APC&TCP is.


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