AmiGG - new instant messenger application

Date 3-May-2006 19:26:32
Topic: Software News

AmiGG is an instant messenger application which can handle Gadu-Gadu protocol (Gadu-Gadu protocol is widely spreaded in Poland). Right now AmiGG may not be useful for many of you but pretty soon plugin system will be implemented and another protocols will be supported (Jabber, Tlen (also known in Poland) and more).

- unique tabs' system which provides carrying on many chats in one single window,
- AmigaAMP plug-in which gives ability to bring the name of the played song into the status description
- Sauranizator plug-in which gives ability to check IP or client version of people who you are chatting with
- display of animated smiley
- ability to send files through the protocol
- POP3 module which gives ability to check e-mails
- enhanced and constantly improved preferences system which gives ability to adjust the look of the application to your needs and favours
- display of the photo of person who you are chatting with.
- internet update function which can download and install any new version of AmiGG which is available.

Requirements are: AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0 or MorphOS (three different native versions are available in the archive), MUI 3.8 (or higher), some MUI classes (TextInput, TextEditor, NList, NFloattext, NListview, Busy, Toolbar), wbstart library (for internet update function), openurl library (optionally), Play16 (optionally). AmiGG is distributed in polish and english language versions. People who want to create other language versions are welcome and should contact the author. People who are interested in this application should consider to download it and give it a try. To encourage you to give this tool a try, you should look at the screenshots.

There is also a contest for creating default logo and graphical theme (buttons, toolbars, icons) of AmiGG. Contributed artwork should be your own idea, no copying or remaked. Size and format reasonable, commonly used. Everyone who is interested can send his/her work to konkurs(AT) You may send more than one contribution. The deadline is on 20th May 2006. The winner will be announced on 27th May 2006. Prizes are waiting for the author of the best set of graphics and the next three runner-ups.

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