Scunthorpe Amiga Group meet this coming Saturday

Date 6-May-2006 21:16:58
Topic: Events

Just a friendly reminder to anyone out there who is interested but hasn't yet worked up the courage to sign up

We're meeting this coming Saturday (yes the 13th!) at around 12pm at the Keadby and Althorpe WMC in Keadby, Scunthorpe, for more details please check out our website:

Hopefully we'll have even more new members showing up this time around.

As usual we will have an A1 and a classic running OS4, a Pegasos running the latest MOS and a host of other classics including an A2000, possibly a 3000 a 4000 and a bunch of 1200's and other funky stuff

We will also be discussing and finalizing plans for this years show, AmiRevival.

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