AmiKit 1.1.3 UPDATE package available

Date 16-May-2006 16:39:06
Topic: Software News

AmiKit: free preinstalled high-end classic Amiga environment for WinUAE has been updated! This package updates your AmiKit v1.1.2 to the most recent version. Thanks to all who donated and supported the development!

AMIKIT 1.1.3 UPDATE (16-May-2006):

- ADDED: FryingPan 0.4c (DEMO) by Tomasz Wiszkowski (AmiKit:Utilities/FryingPan/)
- UPDATED: ASp 0.87
- UPDATED: Ken's browser navigation buttons
- UPDATED: MMKeyboard 3.18
- UPDATED: QuarkTex 0.53
- UPDATED: ReqTools.library 39.3 rev2
- UPDATED: TheMPegEncGUI 2.61
- UPDATED: Tree 1.791 beta
- UPDATED: WookieChat 2.1
- FIXED: DOpusFuncs by Bernd Roesch. Window's "Lister -> Open the Same" entry no longer crashes.
- FIXED: MUIUnArc crashed if launched from right-mouse menu.
- FIXED: PNG and GIF support was broken due to AfA_OS datatypes.

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