RockBEAT 1.3.4 released

Date 23-May-2006 9:49:19
Topic: Software News

RockBEAT 1.3.4 is now available on os4depot and my homepage.

This is another minor release, but with the emphasis on bringing stability up. It seems pretty good now, apart from the odd freeze while playing back, which I'm having extreme difficulty reproducing.

- Fixed GUI clean up issues that caused instability when quitting and reloading
- Removed a divide by zero bug in two places!

What does this program do? (Read on)

RockBEAT is a simple software drum machine for AmigaOS4. It is a tool for musicians that allows you to create drumming tracks. It can create multiple tracks, each one being 4x 4/4 measures with 16th notes. You can save individual tracks as wav files, or the whole thing as one big song. You can drop in your own 16bit 44100Hz PCM WAV samples in the drumsamples/ folder if you like. Great for the bedroom guitarist!

You can register this software for $15 USD. Theres a 10 minute demo timeout otherwise.

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