AmiKit 1.1.4 UPDATE package available

Date 25-May-2006 10:58:23
Topic: Software News

This package provides complete support for creating and extracting ADF, ADZ and DMS image files thanks to TSGUI (Track Saver) program created by Thomas Rapp. It has been integrated into Directory Opus Magellan II as well so it is now possible to create images from disks by right-clicking on them. Or just doubleclick existing image file to extract it! For more options run TSGUI located in AmiKit:Tools/tsgui or use the start menu -> Tools -> Track Saver.

AmiKit 1.1.4 update (25-May-2006) - updates your AmiKit v1.1.3 to v1.1.4

- ADDED: tsgui - Track Saver 2.1 by Thomas Rapp (AmiKit:Tools/)
- ADDED: Complete DOpus5 support for creating/extracting ADF, ADZ and DMS images!
- UPDATED: akJFIF.datatype 45.50
- UPDATED: ASp 0.87b
- UPDATED: Meridian 2.21
- UPDATED: MMKeyboard 3.20
- UPDATED: R 2.19

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