AmigaOS4: Prerelease of X-Windows for OS4

Date 29-May-2006 19:35:48
Topic: Software News

A prerelease of X-Windows version X11R6.3 for OS4 is now available on OS4-depot. It is a complete
unix-like environment, which is meant as a base for ports from the linux-world.

Following components are included:

* The X-server X11R6.3 (68k-version from the geekgadgets-project)
* Over 70 standard-clients like xclock, xcalc, xman ...
* A toolbar to launch programs easily
* Example-programs to demonstrate several gui-toolkits:
- Xgalaga and Xmahjong (X11)
- The card game "forty thieves" (wxWidgets)
- A demo-program from the gtk-package (GTK+)
* A program to adjust the screen background
* ...

All clients are OS4-native.
Because this is a prerelease, the structure of this package can change in the future.

For more informations please refer to: OS4-Depot

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