AmigaOS4 gets another storage driver

Date 1-Jun-2006 18:17:52
Topic: hardware OS4

Thanks to Max Tretene providing the hardware, AmigaOS4 got a new storage driver, for the ubiquitous IT8212 PATA IDE controller from ITE Tech.

New driver in action

This chip supports RAID in an easy to implement fashion, so there is a chance that a future version of the driver will take advantage of this feature.

For registered beta testers, this driver will be in the next day's beta files. For OS4 users, it will be distributed along with an update of the other storage drivers after a betatesting phase.

For the record, with this driver, AmigaOS4 is now equiped with storage drivers for:

- AmigaOne onboard VIA PATA IDE
- Silicon Image SiI0680 PATA IDE
- ITE Tech IT8212 PATA IDE
- Silicon Image SiI3112 and 3512 dual channel SATA
- Silicon Image SiI3114 quad channel SATA
- SYM/LSI lsi53c8xx SCSI
- USB mass storage devices

More in the works.

Stéphane Guillard

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