OS4 TiMidity version 0.6

Date 3-Jun-2006 20:06:57
Topic: Software News

After some time of work away, I've uploaded to OS4Depot the new version 0.6 of OS4 TiMidity.

You can download it here:
OS4 TiMidity ver.0.6

What's different to the previous version:
from the History:
- playmodus from shell-start added (-oahiplay, breakable with Ctrl-C)
- verbosity in shell options (-i?) reactivated
- Files-tab removed - filechoosing added to the front (now "Main") -tab
- About now inside the tab, no extra window is opened
- taskpriorities altered - this increases the stability
- to reduce the influence of other tasks during playing/converting the
main window is iconified during playing conversion
- Verbosity added in Other-tab (to control the amount of information output, also to
suppress any output)
- progress-bar and play-time removed from mainwindow, and added in the
small control-window
- increased stability by adding separate tasks for time and progress
- bug removed: After a call from shell without arguments, not all Signals were
- Information-side in the main-window removed again, because of
stability - reason. The output is done (if the Verbosity settings are
higher) in a workbench-window again.

In a special dir "AWeb" a HOWTO_play_MIDI in AWeb is included.
Hubert Maier shows a way to use TiMidity as a pseudoplugin for MIDIs in AWeb.
No control is possible, but it works.

The overall stability is now better since in the earlier versions.
In the shell-mode without any information-output (-iqqq option),
it is near chrash-safe ... but not 100% ... nothing is perfect .

Hopeful you enjoy the new version.
And nevertheless, like in the previous versions, please send me a mail, if you find a bug.


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