Amiga Update To Cease Publication

Date 3-Jun-2006 19:05:55
Topic: Announcement

A message from Brad Webb, in the current issue of Amiga Update:

"My first bit of Amiga Journalism appeared in the October, 1986 issue
of "JumpDisk", the disk based magazine edited for many years by
Richard Ramella. That means when October rolls around this year I will
have been an Amiga journalist for 20 years! I'm betting there aren't
many who can match that run.

Ok, it's not paying anything now and hasn't for years, (actually, it never paid much) but I'm still doing
it. I look at it as my way of giving something back to the community
which has kept the best OS I've ever used alive and well against all
odds. However, 20 years _is_ a long run and it's about time to move
on. Accordingly, the October issue of AU is planned to be the last. I
had hoped to keep this little newsletter alive until a) OS4 was
released in full commercial version and b) I reached 20 years of Amiga
journalism. Looks like it's going to be only "b". On the other hand,
there's still an outside chance "completed" OS4 could be announced in
this publication. We'll see. Either way, it's been fun (but it's not
as much fun as it was) and I'll probably have more to say about the
end of AU as we close in on October. Then again, maybe not. I don't
plan anything special for the last issue. "

Check out the archive of all the back issues at: Amiga Update Archive

Thanks to Brad and everyone involved for all your hard work over the years.

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