WookieChat 2.2 ready for general consumption!

Date 8-Jun-2006 9:15:16
Topic: Software News

Added a few requested features and addressed a few bugs!

- Support added for clickable URL's
- CTCP SOUND support added. See the "Main Settings > Sounds" for the samples directory. "/sound" to play!
- No more crashes if loading Wookie before a TCP/IP stack is running
- PING replys are now compatible with mIRC (removed an extra control character from the end of a PING reply message that wasnt supposed to be there)
- Added a banlist window with unban button
- Added ban option to the nicklist popup menu
- The columns in the XChat/AmIRC-style display can have a fixed width now. See the "power_users.txt" file for more information. Default is "auto resizing"

Download it from the WookieChat homepage or os4depot.net!

Update- late breaking bug fixes, get 2.2.1 at:
http://wookiechat.amigarevolution.com/wookiechat/WookieChat2_2_1.lha or os4depot.net!

What does this software do?

WookieChat allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC) and chat with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection. Executables are provided for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.0

WookieChat is uncrippled SHAREWARE. If you like this piece of software, please register! Registration is NOT mandatory! No feature is disabled!

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