MCC_Mailtext for OS4/PPC now available.

Date 9-Jun-2006 4:38:51
Topic: Software News

An OS4/PPC version of the MCC_Mailtext MUI library is now available at:

The MCC_Mailtext sourcecode has been updated to compile with GCC and ported to OS4.
The version 3.2 user archive contains OS4 binaries and GCC compiled 68020 binaries. The purpose of this update is to provide a native OS4/PPC version of MCC_Mailtext and there are no changes in the operation of MCC_Mailtext. Amiga 68k users can continue to use version 3.1 of MCC_Mailtext and do not need to update to version 3.2.

Currently, there are no plans for further developement of MCC_Mailtext, but any bugs or problems that may occur with future versions of OS4, MUI or MUI libraries will be addressed by the MCC_Mailtext development team. MCC_Mailtext is used by Jabberwocky and several other Amiga MUI programs.

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