Commodore Returns to the Gaming world.

Date 20-Jun-2006 0:20:34
Topic: Internet News

Commodore return nears

The return of a gaming icon seems to be approaching rapidly now, with further word on Commodore's return to the gaming scene after an extended absence.

An 18 million USD deal with The Content Factory will see Commodore Gaming forged from the furnaces of Commodore International Corporation, who have been dabbling in other areas ever since the gaming scene became mainstream.

Whilst the specifics of exactly what Commodore are plotting remain under-wraps, we do know that new games for mobile platforms will be among the offerings released by the new company.

Perhaps also a spot of online distribution?

If we're really tapping into the zeitgeist "Gaming is one of Commodore's key historic competences, and the conclusion of this agreement emphasises Commodore's strategy to build on the strengths of the rich Commodore heritage," beamed big cheese Ben van Wijhe. "Now that the license agreement is concluded, Commodore Gaming will continue to create new types of game experiences and interactions."

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Also, I emailed Commodore and asked them if they were interested in the Amiga with OS4, as a returning platform.

Here is the reply I got.

Dear Philip,

We are speaking to Amiga but I can’t tell what the future will be!

If something happens, this will be big news so please follow our movements!



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