ColEm Release 4 + GUI now available

Date 21-Jun-2006 23:15:51
Topic: Software News

This is an OS4 native port of Marat Fayzullin's ColEm Colecovision emulator.

The latest version has been uploaded to OS4Depot. New features include full screen support and a new GUI launcher with screen shot previews.


Release History:

21-Jun-2006 (release 4)
- Got the release numbers under control
- Full screen support (-fullscreen)
- CVLaunch: new GUI launcher. Just drop ROMS in roms folder and run CVLaunch

known bugs:
- Can have difficulty allocating pens in windowed mode
- Sound is still limited
- General compatability is good but not perfect

18-Oct-2005 (release 3)
- Added first pass at sound using Audio.device
- Changed some defaults (UPeriod = 1; Verbose = 0)

27-Aug-2005 (release 2)
- Display "Turn Game Off" screen when no Cart inserted
- A couple very minor bug fixes

26-Aug-2005 (release 1)
- First public release
- No sound in this version
- Added Pause feature (Pause/Break key on US keyboards)

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