Amiga and Pegasos User Group meeting in San Diego!

Date 27-Jun-2006 21:38:19
Topic: Events

Hello fellow Amigans and PPC Users!

We are having a Pegasos User Group meeting this Saturday in San Diego california. We urge all Pegasos users in the West Coast to attend as we will be geeking out with multiple Pegasos boxes running Morphos, Linux, Mac OSX and more!

There will be fun demonstrations and tutorials on various aspects of the Pegasos and should be a really good time for all. The event is hosted by Acill and Magnetic of magnetic systems. If you are in the California area this is your chance to see the Pegasos and the Power of Morphos in action by friendly knowledgable people. See through the hype!

Non Pegasos and Amiga 1 owners are welcome to attend and do a demo as well. We would really love to have some Classic Amigans and OS4 guys there to contribute and have fun! This is a universal event and you dont even need to have one of these machines to attend. Hope to see you there. The address is:

1957 Mount Bullion
Chula Vista, Ca. 91913

Pm Acill or myself for more info please. There are 3 people signed up already!

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