AmiRevival Press Release

Date 28-Jun-2006 10:29:10
Topic: Events

AmiRevival, the Amiga event to watch this July, will soon be upon us so now is the time to book tickets and exhibitor tables. The event promises to be a success with the likes of Mindspace (UML diagram software for OS4 and soon OS3.x) and other exhibitors attending, providing a large amount of interest.

In order to make this event the success it deserves to be we need your feedback and support. We are looking to provide something for everyone from the new user to the old, classic to next generation. To help us in this goal we would gladly welcome exhibitors from the Pegasos / MorphOS side as well as those from AROS and the Amiga communities. The Amiga community has always been one of friendly support and a cheerful and we want to rekindle that spirit.

We are also looking for more exhibitors to attend the event, helping in its success. If you feel you could exhibit, be that as a trader, usergroup or an individual we would like to hear from you. See the official Amirevival website for more exhibitor information. We will welcome all exhibitors so long as what your exhibit is related to the Amiga or Amiga-like systems (including Amiga emulation, AROS and MorphOS).

If you have a new product that you want to release in style, AmiRevival would be a good place to do this. With eyes on this event and all the after event reports this could be a great marketing opportunity. Yoodoo2, one of the authors of Mindspace, plans to attend and will be launching version 1 of his very useful product on the day of the show – why not join him?

Various user groups from around the UK will also be exhibiting – the likes of SEAL, the authors of Total Amiga, will be attending the show with other usergroups including AmiSEK; the only user group in the South East of England.

PegXMac, the software allowing you to run MacOS on your AmigaOne, will also be available on the AmiSEK stand to try and we are hoping to have the latest version available to demonstrate at the event – its first public demonstration.

To book tickets, exhibitor space or just to find out more information visit the official AmiRevival website.

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