Issue 44 of The Cryptmag is now out!

Date 1-Jul-2006 12:24:26
Topic: Announcement

The latest issue of our famous magazine is now out. Issue 44 is entitled "Who killed Jack the Ripper?"

So what do we have?

Theres a history of AIO (Amiga Information Online) by Chris Seward, Ex-Editor and it`s creator.

Barry Walker (The latest Staff writer) gives us an insite in how he became interested in Amigas, and how he started writing programs for his favourite computer. He then gives us an unusual use for the Python programming language.

We then bring you 10 hints and tips for Windows and Ian Urie shows us why you shouldn`t be afraid to try Linux.

Ian Fyvie delves into the dark story of Jack the Ripper, and why even after all this time were still interested in the man who kept the police guessing for so many years.

Ever let your kids loose with crayons? Then Francis`s tip is for you!

Why is the Da Vinci Code DVD not worth buying? But the Wedding Crashers is worth a second look? We tell you why.

All this plus plenty more, jokes, recipes and articles from VoIP to computer erognomics.

Hours of fun and information in the latest issue of The Crypt 44

The Cryptmag

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