Membership for free in Norwegian Amiga Association

Date 2-Jul-2006 0:16:00
Topic: News

Norwegian Amiga Association now offers a free membership option in the user union groups new program for members.

This offer includes free downloadable digital issues of the user union group members magazine Amigaguiden in PDF format.

Understanding and reading Norwegian can be necessary to get the best out of this, but anyone can sign up at this registration form or/and read more about this news item at news .

NAF is a Norwegian national user group union and is recognized as an official user group at, and has been existing in some form since 1992. NAF HQ is localized in the city of Mo i Rana, Norway. Mo i Rana is known as "the city beneath the arctic circle". NAF had 31-Dec-2005 exactly 70 members nationwide.

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