MC1 just had a major influx of new hardware

Date 2-Jul-2006 18:22:14
Topic: Internet News

MC1 just bought out the stock of a local dealer and has listed a lot of new hardware. There's also a heap of new software... but that hasn't made it up yet.

Ever wanted to do some digital photography? Well at $69 for a digital camera... can you really go wrong? Especially as it comes with Amiga software.

Ever wanted to do some scanning with your Amiga... but didn't have all the necessary software and hardware? ...well $49 is very cheap for a new scanner.

Has the mouse mat for your optical mouse died? You'll find them on the site!!!

Ever wanted a proper genlock? Well the RocGen is listed at half the price of one of our competitors... and we have one that comes bare... we're willing to negotiate on that one.

Ever wanted to make it impossible for anyone but you to log onto your Amiga??? Well try SecureKey... a hardware device that will only let people with a password onto your computer.

There's even a hard to get A600 68030 accelerator on the site.

Never seen the hardware in question? Don't know what it looks like or how it works? We've put up a lot of detailed pictures to help you make more sense out of it.

Don't forget to ask for your free mouse mat if you place an order.

Check it out!

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