AmiGBG and Compusphere present - Amiga Summer Party 2006

Date 12-Jul-2006 14:56:55
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AmiGBG, the crew known from the Swedish Amiga fair with the same name, and Compusphere, a group of true scene veterans, joins forces and brings you Amiga Summer Party 2006. The event will be a true scene party with all the proper ingredients. We begin with some demo coding and beer, then we throw in some nice tunes mixed with some awesome graphics. And for the grand finale we spice it up another notch with a big kick ass barbeque.
Time: 25-27/8 2006 18:00
Place: Jörlandagården, Gothenburg, Sweden

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The name of the game is party, demos, music and gfx for Amiga, C64, Atari & PC. So join us at Jörlandagården on the 25-27 of August, for a feast ye shall never forget. Meet the people, watch the demos, listen to the mods and party like there was new Amiga hardware.

Entrance fee to the party is 150 SEK with computer and 100 SEK without.

Amiga Summer Party 2006 - FAQ -

? Will there be compos
! Of course there will be compos, check out the compo page of

? Will there be prizes
! Yes, details later on

? Will there be exhibitors
! No, but there will be semi-official ppl on site to show you the latest and greatest of AmigaOS4

? Will there be lectures or seminars
! Maybe, more on this later on

? Is this party thing replacing an AmiGBG fair in 2006
! For now (But you never know what might happen in Q4)

? Why, is this because the Amiga has no future
! This was decided back in 2005 and has nothing to do with the Amiga Hardware limbo. We simply wanted to do something diffrent this time

? I don't know what "the scene" means, can I still come
! Yes, but you will probably know what the scene is when you leave :)

? What if I have more questions
! Ask them in this thread or via email to any one in the crew (info on the contacts page of our homepage)

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