AmiGBG and AmigaOne Productions presents: AmiGBG 2005 DVD

Date 14-Jul-2006 18:03:05
Topic: Events

Last year was an important year for all of us Amiga fans. Not only was 2005 the 20th anniversary of the Amiga computer, but it was also the planned rebirth of the platform with next generation Amiga hardware and AmigaOS4. Not all things turn out as planned, and we are still waiting for new hardware. But we Amigans don't really give up that easy.

So while we are waiting, why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit last years AmiGBG fair? AmiGBG 2005 was the grandest Amiga event since the glorydays, and has been receiving raving reviews all over.

If you missed out on the event itself this is the perfect way to visit the fair from your own living room. The DVD is a Dual Layer disc, professionally printed in a jewel case. It is available for immediate delivery from and the price is only 160SEK (EUR 18.00)

One year in the making this unique piece of Amiga history that truly captures the spirit of AmiGBG. Join us for lectures, interviews, seminars and party, as we celebrate 20 years with this amazing home computer.

More information about the event and a full list of exhibitors and speakers can be found on

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the event and made it such a success. And a BIG Thank You to our sponsors: Guru Meditation, GGSData, Amont Informatique and Cloanto.

Oh, and one last thing. We will be releasing the AmiGBG 2004 DVD as a free download in a few weeks. Enjoy!

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