New consignment of AmigaOnes soon available

Date 17-Jul-2006 21:36:12
Topic: hardware OS4

We recently received delivery of a small consignment of AmigaOne motherboards for testing prior to redistribution among all AmigaOne dealers worldwide.

Update 18 May 2006 Quantities are limited and it appears that the CPU modules (G4 1.1 GHz for the XE boards) will not be available before the end of June 2006.
We will, of course, need some time to test them and prepare the new configurations, but you will very shortly be able to order a reconditioned AmigaOne from your favourite dealer!

Warning: quantities will be limited.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for the latest info.

Update 16 July 2006 Some ľA1-Cs are already ready to go out to dealers. News of the G4 modules is expected some time next week. Those wishing to trade in their existing G3 800MHz modules should contact their local dealer for a possible trade-in (not all dealers may offer this).

News taken from Amont Informatique.

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